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Year 4 Chestnut

Welcome to Chestnut Class.



Staff in Chestnut Class

Chestnuts will be taught by Miss Sadie Cushion. Sadie has finished her teacher training and qualified in January. We are also fortunate to be supported by Miss Jade Nunn, joining us at Coltishall this year and bringing with her a wealth of experience. Interventions, for those who need them, will be put in place as quickly as possible and reviewed regularly. Mr ward continues to provide P,.E. and sports.  Mrs Goodman will take the class when Miss Cushion has her NQT and PPA time.


Morning routine

The morning routine continues to remain the same with children being allowed on the playground from 8:40am, with the whistle being blown for the start of the day at 8:50am. Children do not need to enter the building until the whistle is blown, when we expect them to get themselves into a good morning routine. We suggest that they enter the school via the cloakrooms and organise their lunchboxes, coats, bags, reading books and water bottles in the appropriate places quickly and sensibly. As in Hazel class, there is a class tray for money and letters to be handed in. Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible at this time of day so that they know where their belongings are and take responsibility for them. 

Should you or they need to speak with us before school, please come to the outside classroom door so that we can limit parents within the school building at the start of the day.

The whole school morning focus will be as follows – Monday : reading morning, Tuesday : Daily 10 ( families encouraged to join in ), Wednesday : playground until the whistle at 8:50am, Thursday : Daily 10 and Friday : playground until 8:50am followed by morning Celebration assembly.


Shared reading at school 

On Monday mornings we continue to encourage parents or other adults to join us in the classroom from 8:40 – 9:00. Please come along and encourage your child to share their reading book with you or alternatively, one of the topic based books from around the classroom. This should be a time when the classroom is quiet and everyone should be settled with something they would like to read. 


Sharing reading at home

 In Chestnut class we continue to expect the children to be reading on a regular basis, for a minimum of 10 minutes at least three times a week. This may involve them reading a whole book, if one of the books selected from the corridor, or just a few pages of a chapter, if a free reader choosing from the library. We encourage the children to change their reading books independently as they finish them. We shall be enjoying a weekly class library session this year and children will be encouraged to explore different genres and authors within these.


PE and Games kits

Please ensure your child has the necessary NAMED sports kit on a Monday and Tuesday each week. This will need to be kept in a named drawstring bag and added to the boxes within the classroom, so as to keep the cloakrooms tidier. As the weather cools, please make sure they have a warm top and sturdy trainers to wear so that we can get them outside as often as possible. Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings should be removed. We will be swimming on a Tuesday afternoon after half term at Broadland High School. If there is a medical reason why your child should be excused from these activities, please contact us directly, via email or class dojo.



Your child is expected to complete a homework task each week. We will try to send homework home on a Thursday or Friday and expect it handed in no later than Tuesday the following week. All homework tasks are to be completed with the same thought and care as class work and we ask that you provide a quiet time for the children to be able to concentrate on what has been asked of them. Please try to get involved in the activities set. We strongly feel that homework at this age prepares them for future steps in their school journey and would ask that you support us in getting the children in a good routine. Should there be any issues regarding homework, please speak with us so that we can get these ironed out quickly and with minimum upset.



Each week the children will focus on a new spelling rule to help them build up their ability to spell those words expected to be known by the end of year 4. 


Multiplication Tables

It is expected that by the end of Year 4 all children will know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and the related division facts. This will be a big ask of some children but it is something we will be working on throughout the year, as this is the first year that Year 4 children will be formally tested (more information to follow). At any opportunity, with any available resources, please encourage and support your child to become as fluent with them as possible. This could be built into the homework tasks on a regular basis. The children will all have login details for Times Table Rockstars and we encourage and reward regular use of this.



Last year there was a huge amount of lost property generated that was unnamed and so could not be returned to the owner. Please could I urge you to name all items of clothing, footwear and other belongings, clearly, at the start of the year, and as it is replaced. 


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a valuable way of keeping you up to date with events in the classroom. We use it widely to send reminders and notices out so that you are kept in the picture as much as possible. It is also a quick and easy way for you to communicate with us at any time of the day. The messages you send us cannot be seen by other parents and so the communication is private. We would urge you to check Class Dojo on a daily basis, if you do not get instant alerts and notifications.


End of the day collection

Whilst we do not always supervise who the children go home with, now that they are in year 4, it would be helpful to be made aware of any regular arrangements you have in place for other parents to collect your child. Safeguarding your child is important to us and we would always like to be aware of who will be collecting them from school, if not yourselves.


We look forward to meeting you all at some point soon, if we haven’t already, and if you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. As parents ourselves, I fully understand that life doesn’t always run smoothly and so if there is anything you feel we should be aware of to allow us to support your child in the best way possible, please approach us sooner rather than later.


Kind regards,


Miss Sadie Cushion

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