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Coltishall Primary School

After School Club

For: All pupils
Days: Monday to Friday inclusive

Times: 3.15-4.30pm - 4.30-6.00pm - 3.15-6.00pm
With: Mrs Rice & Miss Cowburgh

Details:  Pupils can come to any of the sessions.  If you wish to reserve a space for your childplease go to our Parent Pay website for our online booking service



  • £10.00 for a full session 3.15-6pm
  • £5.00 for a half session 3.15–4.30pm or 4.30–6pm

Red Robins After School Club Reviews


“In After School Club we enjoy a range of different activities.  Most of all I like the creative crafts which take place mostly on Thursday & Friday.  They include writing, drawing & many more things.” Lucy


We watch some films like How to Train Your Dragon.” Ethan


In After School Club we go pond dipping when it is warm & sunny.  Then we take turns to dip.” Eleanor


I like water fight night with water pistols & games.” Josh


In After School Club we do cooking & we make many yummy things such as flapjacks, jam tarts & many other things.  We do a competition for the best cooking: Miss Holgate is the judge.” George


While watching a film we get a snack.  Two people are chosen to sit on the beanbags.” Evelyn


I like going outside because you can do lots of fun things & you get fresh air.” Joe


Sometimes we go outside & do sports.  Sometimes we go pond dipping.” Aimee


Two of my favourite subjects in after school club are going outside & watching films.” Will


I like going outside.” Annabelle