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Extra support is given to children who need it, whether these children are able or unable to access whole class teaching. This is tailored to individual needs and may include, during a writing lesson, for example, additional scaffolding/writing frames, and differentiated activities relating to the learning objective. This is planned by the teacher and delivered by the teaching assistant or the teacher. Support given to children is to help them become independent so that they do not become over reliant on adults to help them.  


During writing lessons, we also apply support strategies such as small group guided writing with an adult, using talk to support the generation of ideas, using sentence starters and word banks, chunking writing tasks into manageable and achievable steps and using peer modelling and critique to help pupils support each other. 


S.E.N.D. in speaking and listening is supported in EYFS by the use of Speech Link and a member of staff trained in Speech and Language support.  We also use Talk Boost across the school to help support pupils with their communication skills. 


To support pupils with other reading and writing needs (such as dyslexia or motor development delay), we use blue/yellow overlays, have a stock of dyslexia friendly books in our library, use off-white on our interactive board backgrounds where necessary, provide pencil/pen grips and offer alternative scribing methods such as iPads or laptop computers and voice readers/writers.