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Year 3 Hazel

Welcome to Year 3 - Hazel

This year we have Mrs Ward teaching Hazel Class.


Children are allowed onto the school playground from 8:40am with the whistle being blown for the beginning of the day at 8:50am. Children should enter the school via the cloakroom where they should organise their belongings before coming into class. Children should not enter the school before the whistle has been blown.


 In the mornings we will generally focus on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science whilst in the afternoons we will engage with foundation subjects which include History, Geography, Art, Computing, RE, PE and French. At the end of the school day, children will exit from our outside door to be met on the playground. What does my child need to bring to school? In Key Stage 2, we actively promote children taking responsibility for organising themselves and becoming increasingly independent. Whilst I realise these changes will not happen over night, we have much better results when this is encouraged at home too. 

On their first day in Hazel Class, each child will be given a pencil case which we will fill together so they are aware of what is inside it. Children should bring in and take home their reading book and reading record each day.


PE kits should be brought in each Monday and taken home on Fridays.

. Swimming will not take place until further notice.


What can I do to help at home?

Your support is invaluable to your child’s enjoyment and success in school. That begins with the relationship between your family and myself so please feel able to come to me if and when you feel you need to. Children should be encouraged to read for at least 10 minutes, three times a week. Please keep a log in your child’s reading record of this. We will be launching a reading challenge on the first full week back.


In Hazel Class, children will be expected to complete one piece of homework each week. This will be self-selected from the Homework Menu. Homework will be sent home on a Thursday and expected back no later than the following Tuesday. The tasks are an opportunity for you to engage with your child’s learning, please feel that you are able to support them with the tasks.

The children will also have a list of spellings to learn each week in preparation for a test on Thursday or Friday.


How can I contact you?

If you need to speak to me at any point throughout the year, you can send a private message via ClassDojo which I will aim to respond to you as quickly as possible. I am intending to use ClassDojo to share the children’s learning with you via the ‘Class Story’. It will also be used to publish any important notices or information relevant to your child.

I look forward to meeting you all soon and please do contact me with any queries or concerns throughout the year. 




Hazel Class Charter

In Hazel Class, we will be respectful to others, the school environment and ourselves. This means that we will take care of school property and use kind words.

We will always be friendly to others by smiling and talking to them. This year we want to make new friends. Each day we are aiming to give a compliment to somebody to make them smile.
We will all try our best and ask for help if we need it. We will support each other in being unique individuals by making each other feel safe in lessons and at playtimes.

We will be polite in Hazel Class by remembering our manners like saying please and thank you. It is important for us to be compassionate by thinking about how our classmates feel.

Most of all we want remember and use all of our values because that makes learning fun and school a happy place to be!