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At Coltishall Primary School, we use novels, film clips and picture books to inspire our writing and choose resources which show our school values. Each class resource sheet reflects the choices of the class teacher. Our intention is to choose texts, authors and characters which incorporate equality and diversity. 


In Key Stage two, novels chosen across the school progress in difficulty and are read in order. 

These are working documents which are amended and added to regularly. Classic fiction and poetry have been allocated to year groups to ensure that there is good coverage of the classics and are appropriate to the age group.


A comprhensive guide to English at Coltishall Primary School


Reading & VIPERS


We are developing questioning about reading and using READING VIPERS as a framework for this.  This gives you ideas for questions you can ask when reading with your child and prepares them well for the next stages in their learning. A copy of READING VIPERS is at the end of this.


When reading books the following accuracy rates are used as a guide to ascertain the appropriate level: 


Home/individual reading:

95%-100% accuracy with no more than one mistake in twenty words.  Children should find their home reading ‘easy’ so they achieve and enjoy their books!


Guided reading with a teacher in a group. This happens at the end of our phonics lessons.

90%-94% accuracy, no more than two mistakes in twenty words.


 Shared reading e.g. a harder text read as a class.  80%-89%, three or four mistakes in twenty words.  This will happen when exploring a shared text to develop children’s writing skills and comprehension skills.


Developing comprehension skills is as important as fluency. Please be aware that we have recently reorganised our banding scheme which in some cases is not an exact science so if you come across a book that you feel maybe in the wrong band please let the teachers know.