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Our Values in Action

Our Values in Action

 At Coltishall Primary our pupils are encouraged to take an active part in the smooth running of our school, which helps them to understand, appreciate & practice our visions, aims & values daily.  Please read the explanations written by our Oak & Sycamore pupils to find out more.

Buddy Groups

In our school we have a system called ‘Buddy Groups’.


In these buddy groups; you have one person from each year group and a top buddy from Year Six.  The top buddy looks after the younger pupils and runs the meeting.


We have buddy groups so that we can mix with other year groups and make new friends in different classes instead of in just our own.  They help the younger children by getting their confidence levels up as they mix with other pupils.


When you’re new, you may need someone to guide you and the buddy groups offer several people who you can trust.  It also means there is always an older person who you can ask for advice.


This is why we love having buddy groups.


By Year 6 pupils

House Teams

Everyone entering the school is assigned to a house. These houses are:

  • Yellowhammer
  • Greenfinch
  • Kingfisher


Each child is provided with a school cap in their house colour for use at school and for school trips and parents are asked to provide a PE T shirt in the appropriate colour, available for purchase from the Friends of the School.


At the start of each school year, Year 6 pupils are invited to nominate themselves for House and Vice Captains.  They give a presentation about themselves to the children in their house who then vote for whomever they think will be best at the job.


Throughout the school year, house points are awarded for a variety of reasons, including: good work, effort, good behaviour and personal achievements.  Each week it is the responsibility of the House Captains to collect and total the points, which are then announced in that week’s Friday celebration assembly.


Parents are welcome to attend any of these assemblies, during which a child or children from each class is chosen by their class staff to be Star of the Week to celebrate particular success; examples include: demonstrating improvement in attitude to learning; consistently working to the best of their ability; and being particularly kind and helpful.   This is also an opportunity to share children’s other achievements both in and out of school.


Towards the end of the school year a sport’s day is held with all children competing on behalf of their house.  The winning house’s colour is displayed on the school shield which is kept in Reception.

Yellowhammer 2018-19


House Captains: Cruz & Florence

Vice Captains: Toby, Isaac & Lily


Come join the Yellows


Yellowhammer Girl House Captain

My name is Florence Getley and I am one of the Yellowhammer House Captains with Cruz Bayfield. I have known and wanted this job since Reception Class. As House Captain, we have many new responsibilities such as; the Vice Captains sit at the side at assemblies with the teachers, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Instead of counting the team points on Friday lunchtimes, we now count them on Thursday lunchtimes as the Friday assemblies are on Friday mornings at 9:00.  I am also very grateful that I have Lily, Toby and Isaac alongside to help Cruz and I. Once again I am very happy to be voted in for this responsibility.


Yellowhammer Boy House Captain

My name is Cruz Bayfield, I am a House Captain for Yellowhammer. My role is to count up the team points and run the cake sales, sit at the front of celebration assemblies and Florence and I will hopefully lift the trophy on sports day. I am very happy that alongside me I have Toby, Lily and Isaac to help me count the team points on Class Dojo.


Yellowhammer Girl Vice Captain

Hello my name is Lily Carus and I am Yellowhammer Vice Captain. Not only standing in for Florence when she is away, we get are own responsibilities like sitting at the edge of the hall to make sure that pupils in Yellowhammer are behaving themselves and showing always the school values. Although I didn’t get house captain I always help my fellow Vice Captains, and of course help Florence and other team captains.


Yellowhammer Boy Vice Captain

Hi my name is Toby Smith and I’m the Yellow Hammer Vice Captain with Isaac Murray. We have the responsibility to sit at the side of the assemblies to check that Yellowhammer are behaving. If Cruz is away, we all hope we lead Yellowhammer to another Victory on sports day.


Yellowhammer Boy Vice Captain

Hello, my name is Isaac Murray, I am another boy Vice Captain for Yellowhammer. I like the responsibility of sitting at the side of assemblies, looking out for children who are miss behaving in our Yellowhammer house. I am looking forward to making and selling cakes, biscuits and cupcakes at the ‘Bake a Cake Sale’ at school. I love this job and I am very thankful for getting it.


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Greenfinch 2018-19


House Captains: Tommy & Isla

Vice Captains: Rosie & Eddie

Welcome to Greenfinch 



House Captains

I am Tommy, the male Greenfinch house captain along with Isla, I’ve been wanting to have this responsibility for about 2 to 3 years; now I have been given the chance to. I will hopefully lead Greenfinch to the sports day cup this year. I love sports and I will love to lead all the fellow greens to an extreme and hopefully I’ll  push them to their limits and help them reach their goals! I also don’t mind losing my break to count the team points. I’m delighted to be a part of this community and be a importance to people.

By Tommy                       


I am Isla and I am now the female  Greenfinch house captain. This job means the world to me, since I started in the school. Once I knew it could become a reality I knew I had to get my head down and start working towards my new goal. I hope that Tommy and I lead Greenfinch to victory like in the previous years and I am delighted to take on the role of house captain. I have been longing for this job for a very long time and am extremely excited to start taking on my new roles.

Yours sincerely



Vice captains

Hello my name  is Rosie and I’m Eddie. We are the  Greenfinch vice captains for the upcoming year of 2018/19. We are extremely excited for this year of activities, responsibilities and tasks we will be set. One of the things that we are really looking forward to do is hopefully leading our team to victory, once again this year at sports day. Throughout this year we will be standing in for Tommy and Isla when they are either ill or busy.

By Rosie and Eddie


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Kingfisher 2018-19


House Captains: Ashley & Millie

Vice Captains: Ella & Kyriel


Welcome to Kingfisher!!

Hello or names are Millie, Ashley, Tallulah & Henry and we are the House and vice Captains of Kingfisher.


House Captains

Hello this is Millie & Ashley and we are the Kingfisher House Captains.

We are overjoyed that the Kingfisher pupils voted for us to be their House captains, we`ve wanted this job since we found out about it!

Every Thursday we will be sure that we don`t cheat when counting up your well deserved house points.  

As House Captains we will lead our team to victory every day and help the younger people.


Vice Captains

Hi our names are Tallulah & Henry and we are the Vice Captains of Kingfisher.  We have lots of responsibilities as Vice Captains, like stepping in as House Captains when the actual House Captains are not there. 

On Fridays we set up all the chairs for the parents and teachers, we also set out the benches for the Sycamores.  We also have to sit on the side of the hall in all of the assemblies to tell people to be quiet if they are talking.



Come on Kingfishers!

We can do it!!







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School Council 2018-19


Chair = Daisy

Vice Chair = Brooke

Treasurer = Kyriel

Secretary = Ella


School Council 2018-19


School Council

In School Council, we discuss the charities that we will represent and sponsor each term, celebrations such as christmas jumper day, children in need day and red nose day and also we talk about improving the school in many different ways.


Responsibilities and what they are

We have a lot of responsibilities like chair [Daisy Gillingham], vice chair [Brooke Butler,] secretary [Ella Halkyard,] and treasurer [Kyriel Fynn.] Chair and vice chair run the meetings and see if the ideas are possible, Secretary writes the minutes each week and Treasurer counts the money. Every class,except from cherry, has 2 class representatives that come to the meetings every Tuesday to say their ideas that their class thinks of in their class meeting.


How its changed

Mrs Barker used to do school council in the Library on Monday lunchtimes but now a new teacher, Miss Morton, does it in Beech class [yr2] on Tuesday lunchtimes. We have improved the school in many different ways, we have added values and more flowers which the eco council will look after.


                                                         Daisy Gillingham

                                                                  Year 6




School Council ~ Chosen Charity for the year 2018/19

School Council ~ Chosen Charity for the year 2018/19 1 Raising money for the Pond area in our school
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Eco Council


Our Eco Warriors this year are: Tallulah & Bibi