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Coltishall Primary School

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

'To encourage aspiration in our pupils and consistently deliver high quality education through knowledge, skills, culture and responsibility.' 


Our Ethos

‘To strive constantly for excellence through the promotion of our agreed values. Working together to inspire, support, challenge and celebrate all our children.’

Our Aims


For children of all abilities to access opportunities available beyond the national curriculum, and through our ‘Coltishall Offer’


For all children to develop their self-knowledge, self-respect, and self-confidence.


For all children to develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question, discuss rationally and exercise clear judgement.


For all children to acquire cultural capital through values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge in order to succeed during and after primary education


For all children to develop respect and tolerance for others through Diversity and Inclusion


For all children to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding


For all children to be safe, happy and  to look back on their time at Coltishall Primary School with the fondest of memories


For all children to enjoy the best progress and cohorts consistently exceed national and regional standards in core subjects at the end of their primary education


For all staff to enjoy high levels of motivation and well-being, through feedback, quality training and personal development


To foster trust and confidence with all stakeholders, so that we can learn from and contribute to our local community and beyond.




In 2017 we achieved the Values Education Quality Mark, values based education is at the heart of learning. Through learning and choosing positive personal, social and moral values, children are better equipped to flourish personally, socially and academically.


We work hard to embed our chosen values into daily routines, conversations and lessons so that the children became familiar with them, reflect on them and put them into practice.


The values were chosen through a process of surveys and consultation with all stakeholders; parents, staff, pupils, originally we hade 24 values, in our last consultation in 2018 we reduced this down to 12 values.


Our consultation and research into different educational models has led us to focus on twelve values that together we considered most important, and to introduce 6 overarching learning dispositions.


The term 'learning dispositions', sometimes called 'habits of mind' refers to the way in which learners engage in and relate to the learning process. Learning dispositions affect how students approach learning, how they think about their learning and therefore the outcomes of their learning. Development of these dispositions is important for students in order that they become self-aware of the way they learn and enable them to embed these positive attitudes to learning.  This is even more important if they are to be able to become lifelong learners.



Learning Dispositions         





















Values V.I.P

Next to our new Values tree display in the front entrance, is a green post box. Nominations can be placed, for individuals who demonstrate our Values or learning dispositions. We welcome nominations from parents, staff and other children. There are forms provided next to the post box, two winners are drawn in our weekly values assemblies, the two winners look after a Values VIP trophy for the rest of the week


We look forward to your support with our school values and learning dispositions and getting involved by nominating children for our Values VIP awards.