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Breakfast Club

For: All pupils
Days: Monday to Friday inclusive

Times: 8.00 - 8.50 am
With: Mrs D Ward & Mrs Terrington
Details: This club runs from the befginning to the end of the school year.  We aim to be flexible in Breakfast Club so we can help out parents/ carers at short notice when needed but please book in advance so we can ensure that there is enough food for everyone.  If you wish to reserve a space for your child, please complete a form & return to the School Office with the correct money.  Booking forms are available in the foyer area & to download in PDF format, below, for you to print.


Price: £2.50 per session


Breakfast Club Review


This is open every morning if your Mum or Dad has to go to work earlier than school time.  It starts at 8.00am and you can have a choice of breakfast: cereal and toast with honey and other toppings.


The club is run by Mrs Ward and Mrs Terrington who are really nice.


After you have eaten your breakfast you can get games out but the mess you make you have to tidy up.  When it is school time you can get your bags and line up and get ready to leave for the start of the school day.


by Lizzie & Georgia