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Year 3 Hazel

Welcome to Year 3 - Hazel


Hazel Class is often called the Rainbow Class – we thrive on our cheerful and happy learning environment!  Our teachers are Mrs Muchlinski and Mrs Nicholson and this year we are really lucky as we have Mrs Dodds with us too, who is training to become a teacher through the Troops to Teachers scheme at Brighton University.  We also have Mrs Oldershaw (who helps us with our mental arithmetic every morning in our today’s Number Challenge!) and supports all our children.


Our favourite ‘catchphrases’ are ‘Mistakes are the Portals of Discovery’ and  ‘You have only failed if you have given up!’ – we like to see how our mistakes can help us – and other people – address misconceptions.  I think I make more mistakes than the Hazels, but luckily they are very good at spotting them!


We have a class charter that focuses on good behaviour and respect for people and resources.  We are really lucky that we go swimming every Tuesday in the first half of every term.  Wednesday is the day for handing in homework, which children can choose from the homework menu (copy below).


Hazel is the first class in Key Stage 2, and we work really hard to make the children as independent as possible – bringing in and changing their reading books on Mondays and taking them home each evening… Mrs Dodds is always there to help, and to check the signatures in the records for the Read A Rainbow Challenge.  Children are already collecting their reading reward ribbons towards getting a small prize!  Children can change their books any morning or break time by themselves.


Our main target in Maths is to learn our 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, and 8 times tables by heart.  Hazels also need to know the corresponding division facts … so if they know that 8 x 4 = 32, they need to be aware that 32 divided by 4 = 8  and so on.  This knowledge is essential for the Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum where we will be using it to work out the area and perimeter of shapes, work out division and multiplication problems as well as working with fractions!


Autumn 2016

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