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Year 1 Willow

Welcome to Willow Class ~ Year 1


Welcome to Willow class. My name is Ms Brown and I am the class teacher. Mrs Spooner and Mrs Jones are our wonderful teaching assistants who support Willow class. Mrs Spooner is with us each day in the morning and afternoon and Mrs Jones is with us each morning and at lunchtimes.


Transition from Cherry to Willow Class

The learning environment plays a very important role in the transition process and we aim to support the children so that changes can be managed as easily as possible. The children are gradually introduced to the different areas of learning in their new classroom. They have access to a range of resources as they did in Year R. They are given responsibility for making informed choices when learning through themes and will be able to work independently as they continue to learn in the inside and outside spaces available. Planned activities in English and Maths are introduced each day and the children work in small focus groups with me or a TA.



Our timetable is flexible but generally, we have a Maths focus, English focus, Guided Reading session, Letters and Sounds (phonics), PE (Monday and Friday) in the mornings, and Science, History, Geography, Music, Art, DT and RE in the afternoons.


Morning routine

Please bring your child into the classroom from 8.40 (no earlier please) and encourage him/her to organise books, lunchboxes and other items in the appropriate places. Then go into the playground until the whistle blows at 8.50. Please say goodbye to your child in the playground and let them come into the class independently as they do at any other time when the whistle is blown. Please don’t wave through the window to your child when they are beginning the day; this can be distracting and unsettling for your child.


Morning break – snack time

Children who would like milk at playtime can pay half termly. Your child will be able to go to the tuck trolley in the bandstand at playtime where milk will be given out. Free fruit or vegetables are still offered in class each day.


Shared Reading at school 8.40-9.00

On Monday morning books are available in the classroom from 8.40 am for children to share with parents or other adults. Please come along and encourage your child to share a book.


Shared reading at home

In Willow class we encourage the children to change their books for reading at home every day.

We like the children to be as independent as they can and the routine of putting their books in the ‘Books in’ box first thing in the morning will become established fairly quickly. They will change their books during the day at an allocated time and these will then go in the ‘Books out’ box and be given out at the end of the day. Reading records will stay with the books so you can put your comments in to let us know what your child enjoyed.

Please remember that your child will not necessarily be able to read the whole book unaided and your encouragement and support is very important. Please share and talk about the pictures and text as you enjoy the books. If you have any queries regarding your child’s reading please come and let us know.


Library books

We make regular use of the school library and books are chosen and taken home every Wednesday. It is helpful if books can be returned the following Wednesday so new ones can be selected.



Later in the term your child will have a menu of activities to choose from related to our topic of learning. One activity is expected each week. We will send out further information about homework after half term.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us about any concerns you have.


Katrina Brown                                                                                                   2017/18

Rocket Science!

In May 2017, we had an exciting  visit from Cosmo’s dad to show us his water bottle rockets as part of our transport topic. Each house had a different rocket . The Greenfinch rocket flew the furthest, about 30 metres. Willow children thought of many reasons why the rockets flew different distances.

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