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Our Values in Action

Our Values in Action

 At Coltishall Primary our pupils are encouraged to take an active part in the smooth running of our school, which helps them to understand, appreciate & practice our visions, aims & values daily.  Please read the explanations written by our Oak & Sycamore pupils to find out more.

Buddy Groups

In our school we have a system called ‘Buddy Groups’.


In these buddy groups; you have one person from each year group and a top buddy from Year Six.  The top buddy looks after the younger pupils and runs the meeting.


We have buddy groups so that we can mix with other year groups and make new friends in different classes instead of in just our own.  They help the younger children by getting their confidence levels up as they mix with other pupils.


When you’re new, you may need someone to guide you and the buddy groups offer several people who you can trust.  It also means there is always an older person who you can ask for advice.


This is why we love having buddy groups.


By Elle and Amelia

House Teams

Everyone entering the school is assigned to a house. These houses are:

  • Yellowhammer
  • Greenfinch
  • Kingfisher


Each child is provided with a school cap in their house colour for use at school and for school trips and parents are asked to provide a PE T shirt in the appropriate colour, available for purchase from the Friends of the School.


At the start of each school year, Year 6 pupils are invited to nominate themselves for House and Vice Captains.  They give a presentation about themselves to the children in their house who then vote for whomever they think will be best at the job.


Throughout the school year, house points are awarded for a variety of reasons, including: good work, effort, good behaviour and personal achievements.  Each week it is the responsibility of the House Captains to collect and total the points, which are then announced in that week’s Friday celebration assembly.


Parents are welcome to attend any of these assemblies, during which a child or children from each class is chosen by their class staff to be Star of the Week to celebrate particular success; examples include: demonstrating improvement in attitude to learning; consistently working to the best of their ability; and being particularly kind and helpful.   This is also an opportunity to share children’s other achievements both in and out of school.


Towards the end of the school year a sport’s day is held with all children competing on behalf of their house.  The winning house’s colour is displayed on the school shield which is kept in Reception.



House Captains:  James M & Annabel

Vice Captains: Noah & Hetty


Come join the Yellows


I’m James M, and finally my dream since Cherry class has come true. I’ve become House Captain of the legendary Yellows, and, as Captain, I’ll lead Yellowhammers to victory, and support and encourage them along the way. Every Yellow has their strengths, and no matter what they are, as Captain I’ll be there to help them achieve. I’ll conquer any challenges, and win many things for the Yellows, such as sports day, team points, trophies, medals, and more. I’ll care for the Yellows and help them find new skills and friends. I’ll encourage them to persevere, reach their potential, and to give things a go.

“Come on, Yellows,
Be the best you can be,
Together we’ll march to

by James M


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House Captains: Oz & Sophie

Vice Captains: Ellie & James K

Welcome to Greenfinch 


Hi, my name is Sophie & I have been selected for Greenfinch House Captain.  From Cherry Class to now  I have wanted to represent Greenfinch as their leader & now my dream has come true!  It will be an honour to take on the challenges ahead of me.  No matter what, I will try my best.  The captains of each Team lead, encourage & support their team mates.  They try to achieve trophies & medals & show respect to each member of their  team.  Greenfinch has won many different things such as: Team Points, Sports Day Cup (twice in a row) & lots more.

I’m sure that I will lead my Team to victory this year & achieve many trophies & medals to add to our collection.  My challenges await me!

by Sophie

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House Captains: Harrison & Maizie

Vice Captains: Ella & Jay


Kingfisher History


Hello this is Maizie and Harrison, we are very proud to be chosen for the job to be House Captain for our team. This was a one off opportunity and we only had one shot at it. This has been our dream since Cherry class and somehow it has come true!!! We are honored to lead our team and we will be ready for our challenges ahead. We will respect each and every pupil in Kingfisher. No matter what we will try our best to succeed in everything and help other children. On sports day we have the courage and skill to lead our house and hopefully win. We have won many things including: 5 sports day wins in a row, Most team points in a year, Many team point wins and many more.

Come On Kingfishers!
Do the best you can!

by Maizie & Harrison

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School Council

The School Council is made up of 14 class representatives (2 in each class) that change every half term, 4 executives, and Mrs Barker.


The School council discuss things such as charities and things we can do to make the school a better place. The 14 representatives go to class with minutes which are typed up by our secretary. They discuss things with their class and come back to school council with two main points. Then our Chair chairs the meetings with the Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Mrs barker (Teacher representative).


The duties for our executives are to come to every meeting and help sort things out e.g: say how much money we have to spend and how much we have raised for charity (Treasurer), write down what everyone says (Secretary) and run the meetings (Chair and Vice Chair). Everyone has a say in School Council, even children who don’t want to be representatives as they come up with ideas that could change the school.


Also every half term new representatives get voted so everyone can have a go.


By Hayden & Joseph

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