Welcome to Coltishall Primary School!

I am very pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to our bright, happy and successful school.

At Coltishall Primary School you will see we are a very friendly and thriving school.  Our talented and dedicated staff works closely with a strong Governing Body and an invaluable Friends Association, to make our school a most special and happy environment to learn, grow and play; one full of challenge, success and celebration.

Our pupils experience a balanced and very well taught curriculum, with many of the lessons grounded in the term’s topic or theme.  We see a thematic approach as a most effective curriculum style placing the learning into context; allowing pupils to have more input and say into what is being learned.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in music, art, drama, singing and as many sports as possible.  All pupils should have these opportunities and we believe that they should aim to do them to the best of their abilities. We also love taking trips outside of school, to museums, historic sites, residential visits and even the local garden allotments.

By actively encouraging a close relationship between staff, parents and their children, we provide a wonderful learning environment for each individual to develop academically and socially and learn the many skills they may need to be independent in their school career and lifelong learners.

We know it is essential that children feel secure, safe and valued.  We start the support and introduction even before the children start at our school through a carefully planned induction process with our feeder schools.  Children joining us at other points of their school career are welcomed into a Buddy Group and great care is taken to ensure a smooth and happy transition.

I have been a headteacher in Norfolk for the past 15 years and at Coltishall since September 2007. During this time I have been asked to offer support, guidance and advice to many other schools.  I have mentored headteachers new to their posts, worked as a School Improvement Partner, a Local Leader in Education and as a Pupil Premium Reviewer.  These roles have allowed me to support and guide many other schools and, as the staff and Governing Body fully appreciate, I can then return with enhanced experience and skills to further improve the learning opportunities and environment here at Coltishall.

Among the many recent significant events enjoyed by our school I would include our partnering with Swanton Abbott Primary School and becoming the only Values based Education school in Norfolk or Suffolk.  We are looking forward to using both of these achievements to provide even greater opportunities for our pupils to flourish and to fully achieve in all spheres of the curriculum.

If you have any comments about what we do well or suggestions about what we could do better, please do not hesitate to tell us or, even better, call in.

Mark Adamson