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Picture 1 "Coltishall Rainbow" by Governor Gavin McKee

Welcome to our Governors' section. 

Welcome to the governors’ section of Coltishall Primary School website.


Every school has a governing body to represent the public and community in the running of the school. The governors are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education.  Our governors at Coltishall Primary bring perspectives & experience from their life & work to strive for excellence in the care and education of all children at the school.


All school governors at Coltishall Primary volunteer their time to work in partnership with the Headteacher to oversee the strategic development of the school with a common goal to provide a high standard of education for all pupils, whatever their ability or needs.


You will find below photos of our school governors, classed by committee & information on them.  All our governors are either elected (staff & parent) or appointed by the governing body (co-opted & LA).

None of our governors have declared any relevant business & pecuniary interests.  Any relationships between governors & members of the school (including spouses, partners & relatives) are included in their personal information.


We hope that you find the information in this section useful and if you want to get in touch with governors please leave a message with the school office.


What is a register of business & pecuniary interests?

It is a list of any business or financial interests.  For example: the company the person or people close to them work for, directorships, significant shareholdings or other appointments within a business or other organisation which may have dealings with the school.

The register enables governors to demonstrate that in spending public money they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make.

Chair of Governors – Bob Grindrod

Pupils, Premises & Community Committee

Pupils, Premises & Community Committee 1 Julie Barker
Pupils, Premises & Community Committee 2 Gavin McGee (Chair)
Pupils, Premises & Community Committee 3 Victoria Spalding

Resources Committee

Resources Committee 1 Katrina Brown
Resources Committee 2 Colin Dean (Chair)
Resources Committee 3 Bob Grindrod
Resources Committee 4 Di Smith

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 1 Paul Beckett (Chair)
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 2 Thea Charmley
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 3 Ian Clark
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 4 Fiona Fairchild
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 5 Harriet Foster
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 6 Sue Furness
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee 7 Daniel Paton

Head Teacher

Head Teacher 1 Mark Adamson, as our Headteacher, sits on all three of our committees – Resources Committee, Pupils, Premises & Community Committee and Teaching, Learning & Curriculum committee. He is a staff governor.

Clerk to the Governors

Clerk to the Governors 1 Philippa Weightman is Clerk to the Governing Body and is also Clerk to Horstead Parish Council.

If you need a paper copy of information on this website, please contact the School Office.