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The Coltishall Curriculum


From the first day pupils walk through our gates till the moment they leave our care, we consider every school interaction, every school experience and every learning opportunity to be part of the Coltishall curriculum.


Our curriculum offers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that provide pupils with the tools they need to move on to their next step in education and to provide the foundations to become proactive citizens who go on to make a positive impact on their own and other people's lives.


Underpinning our curriculum are The Coltishall School Values and Learning Dispositions.  Our values and dispositions were chosen through a consultation with parents and pupils. The Coltishall Offer is our commitment to provide activities outside of the National Curriculum that are enriching opportunities and experiences where pupils can thrive and demonstrate their values and learning dispositions.


Our curriculum encompasses local, national and global aspects, with a specific focus each year on a local study in both history and geography. There may be some themes that link subjects, however most subjects are taught discretely and not together in a topic.  The aim of our curriculum is to provide a progression of skills and knowledge that can be built upon from year to year, such as in Year 4, pupils study the physical and human geography of Greece which provides a context for when pupils study the history of Ancient Greece in Year 5. 


Vocabulary provides a spine to our curriculum.  Each subject has key word lists, providing progression year on year; key vocabulary is shared to pupils and parents through knowledge organisers.  The organisers are provided to pupils and parents at the beginning of a block or learning in all foundation subjects, currently except for Music, French and PE.


Community links are woven into the daily life of the school, the local church run weekly assemblies each half term, local conservationists help children coppice and plant trees in the local orchard, the school maintain an local parish allotment, local parents hire the hall for badminton, parents deliver presentations to pupils about their careers, pupils compete in a variety of cluster sports events with cluster school, parents support pupils as reading champions and our buddy groups visit and help at a community cafe once a week.

Knowledge organisers are available on individual classs pages - use the link below to visit class pages

The link below shows the Coltishall Offer, all the opportunities and experiences we offer pupils at Coltishall Primary that are within or additional the National Curriculum.  All these experiences and opportunites are linked to our Learning Dispositions.

Foundation Subjects

Documents showing the progression of knowledge and skils, curriculum coverage and key questions for each unit of work



The link below will take you to our English Curriculum page



Pupils have a daily mathematics lesson, based on direct, interactive teaching.

Our teaching ensures pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, can reason mathematically and can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of problems. We teach mathematics as an interconnected subject applying essential knowledge to other curriculum subjects.


Essential work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is taught together with number facts, using and applying mathematics, data-handling, probability, measurement, position and transformation. Number work is extended to explore patterns and relationships with numbers.


Year 1-6 have access to a Mathletics online programme where they can log in to math puzzles and games and gain weekly certificates.


If you wish to find out more about our school curriculum, please contact us.